Dry needling


“Learn to master the powerful pinprick”

With these training seminars, I offer the knowledge and experience I have gained during the past 15 years. Through co-operation with veterenarians, physical therapists and instructors as well as doctors and scientists in human medicine, my now registered method has been distilled. The training to master the practition of this method consists of:

  • Eight hours of self study in preparation.
  • A three-day, concentrated training seminar.
  • Theoretical and practical examination.

After successfully completing the program as a participant, you will receive your acknowledged certificate with the official mark of the Centrum Dry Needling. From that moment on, you will be licensed to practise the therapy of Equine and Canine Dry Needling by the method of Andrea Schachinger ® autonomously.

Upon completion of the training, the therapist will be able to:
  • Quickly arrive at an all-round impression of the horse.
  • Establish, through consultation with the owner/rider and an initial palpatory investigation, whether the horse will benefit from Dry Needling therapy or a veterenarian should be called in.
  • In the case of positive conclusions, carry out a tailored palpation and establish a therapy schedule.
  • Accomplish a full and complete Dry Needling therapy session.
  • Do the above with a minimum amount of stress for the horse.
  • Explain to the owner/rider the path to recovery of the horse.
  • Establish, possibly assisted by a vet, whether using nutritional supplements could be useful.